26 March 2013

Phone photo dump

Well, this has certainly been neglected.

Anyway, I guess I'll dump a few junky photos from my phone from the past several months, and then try to get on top of things again. The weather is getting nice again, which brings life back to everything, really.

This was ages ago. End of the summer, I believe.

More recent. Heading over the bridge to wander around between the mountain on the far right and the one in the centre.

This photo would be so full of people if this were taken in the summer. 

Big ol' train bridge that I never knew was there.

The marvels of industry.

27 May 2012

Eccentric aerodynamic

I've just replaced the eccentric bottom-bracket on my MTB. A Phil EBB... it's way too pretty to be a bike part. :-) Here are some before and after shots... The "before" EBB has been used for about 4 years. I ended up ovalising it with the set-screws.

On another note... Today I spotted this guy, ready to haul his cargo off-road in an aerodynamic (aero-bars) fashion.

26 May 2012

Old trails, animals... and...

I've been revisiting some old trails today, that I haven't set foot (or tread) on for years. It was good. Fantastic nature...

I went out on my currently fixed gear mtb. Works pretty well, but you really have to think far ahead. Especially only with footsie brakes. Getting over it. It only took a week.

Old wear-marks...
Bull up ahead... it was just hanging out in the middle of the trail.
Some other animals.
Here's a bike that Mr. Petersen would be proud of. But that's Europe for you.
On another note, here's a photo of a "Surly", from a Danish classified ads site,  which apparently is a "hige end mens bike for the choosy or for someone seeking the best. designed to get to work quickly or go on rides in the spare time." The top-tube apparently allows "fatties" to "fit fine". Maybe that refers to people?
Surly... sure thing dude.

13 May 2012

Lines and worship

Some photos from the saddle... road worship and lines in the landscape.

The road to Stenderup church.
Watch out for teenagers hanging out of train windows.
Shadows and gravel. Tractor raced past a bit after this.
Crows seem stoked on dry grass.
Liney field...
Fieldy lines...

3 May 2012

5600 year old S24O.

It was shorts weather yesterday, with totally clear skies, so we packed up and headed out to camp at a spot I'd been looking forward to for my entire trip. A little ways out of town is a 5600 year old burial site out in a forest, in which camping is allowed anywhere, bordered by farmland and water.
We left at about 8 and rode out there, racing the dark on deserted roads and gravel pathways, through the usual amazing Danish scenery. It was a really great ride, with low sun, long shadows, and continuous diving in and out of various wooded areas.
In the morning, we took the longer way home - which involved some trail riding, a ferry, and endless yellow fields. A good ride. Country bikes!
A bunch of photos from my phone:
Heading out. Long shadows.

Self portrait.

Met some cats.

Real old.
Peter's new seat bag. Dry bag toe strapped to the saddle loops.
Carradice seat bag and tent up front.
Breakfast stop.
Pretty quaint.
Waiting for the ferry.

1 May 2012

Back in Denmark, back on the bike.

So I've arrived back in Denmark after walking the Hadrian's Wall Path in England. We went for a short ride to check out an abandoned bike out on a trail to see if it was salvageable. Nice out, but really windy.

26 April 2012


Here is just about a handful of photos from the last couple of days. Some scenic shots from locations, where population isn't so dense. It's been a couple of nice rides. Very mixed weather. Got rained upon, got shone upon. Two flats. The later happened 3km from arriving home, so I decided to just walk, despite the pouring rain. My wool sweater became as heavy as chainmail armor.

Moss covered Dolmen rocks, bike, signs of spring.
Small bay, curvy path, rain filled clouds.
"A charming staircase", the sign reads.
Sun setting, tree, bunker remains.