12 December 2011

The diving board

Since I was poking a bit of good-natured fun at others with my bit about The Rollercoaster, I should probably willing to poke that same fun at myself. With that in mind, I present the diving board:

Not the best situation.
Eventually I'll grab a zero-offset post and not look like a lunatic, but for now all I have is the VO super-layback post that came with my frame. Not exactly the most stylish look.

Unrelatedly, for the past hour or so I've been digging through the Rapha films on vimeo. I knew they were epic and great and all, but I'd never really dug in before. They can get a bit over the top in places, but the filming and scenery are incredible. I'm pretty jealous of a lot of the riding they do, especially the stuff that's in my own backyard. I want to go travel and ride and explore more. New Years resolution. Hold me to it, folks.

CHINLE, AZ from RAPHA on Vimeo.

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