7 December 2011

Probably my favourite bike product ever made

I understand that a lot of us are drawn to cycling because we love gadgets. That's why I have more bikes than I have room for, and it's why I get excited about all this stuff. Whatever, we're nerds; it's fine. Still, though, at some point people often seem to totally lose track of common sense.

I have been thinking about the AirFender almost uninterruptedly since I first saw it in 2007 or so. I still cannot come up with a single realistic benefit of this product over a normal fender. I wish I knew how much was spent on development and tooling for this thing. How awesome would it be to work for a company that was able to throw away money like that?



  1. Making it self-inflatable would probably be asking too much...

    I am however a big fan of their tent, where you have to disassemble your bike to prop it up.

  2. Have you seen their other tent, where you have to bring along two spare tubes, and inflate those instead of using tent poles?