9 December 2011

The Rollercoaster

While I'm sure I can't be the first person to call it this, I haven't ever seen the term come up online so here we go:

The rollercoaster represents the pinnacle of ergonomics and style. Basically, it's when you run a really steep drop stem, like a Nitto Jaguar, for example, and then after that big drop you bring it back up with a pair of riser bars, bringing the hands to roughly the same place that would be achieved with a normal -17deg stem and flat bars. It looks something like this:
Photo from myfixedgear.net
Here are a couple other examples of the rollercoaster, and a bikeforums thread that sums things up nicely.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not trying to pick on the dreaded fixed-gear hipsters (the current scapegoats of the bicycling world). That happens way too much, and it kind of bothers me. I'm just adding a term to the lexicon. It seems like folks get too intense about bikes and riding and nitpicking sometimes, both on the offensive and defensive side. It's a quirky thing that looks kind of funny, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm still entertained, though, just a little bit every time I see one, and I also don't think that there's anything wrong with that.

To show my impartiality and purity of motive, I present the alternate rollercoaster. This one makes more sense in terms of being required to achieve a desired handlebar position, but fair is fair. In this one, the rollercoaster starts off at ground level on top of the headset, builds anticipation during the climb up the stem, and then plummets back down to earth with a set of drop bars. A winning configuration for sure.

From the Pedal Revolution blog. Gorgeous bike, by the way. Seems like a really cool shop, too.
Rivendell is into the rollercoaster, and so it is certainly cool. My Velo Orange has a modified sorta-rollercoaster-thing going on, with a technomic instead of an uppy-hilly type stem to get the height. I'm not sure if I'd count that, though. Judges?

Edit: I've been suggested another rollercoaster candidate. The Great Technomic Debate has begun, it seems.

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