13 January 2012

Assorted bad photos from the last little bit

Just have to get that tape a bit grubby.
This is the Basso with the weirdo headset issue. The bike was originally a full-on road bike (a really awesome one), but that's not the customer's thing so much anymore, and he was feeling stretched out too much on it and wanted a simple bike for getting around. Singlespeed was appealing, but there was concern over versatility. The two-speed keeps things clean, as it's aesthetically not really any different than a singlespeed, but gives a bit of a bailout gear. Shorter, higher stem and moustache bars to get the position a bit less aggressive, while still giving multiple handholds. The pedals will be changed eventually.

The wrong-sized DA headset was replaced with a right-sized BBB unit which is still nice and shiny silver, and, as a bonus, actually works. Nitto moustache bars and an older Nitto stem replace a Cinelli bar and stem. A Sturmey Archer S2 takes the place of the old Dura Ace rear hub, while the front wheel remains DA/Wolber. DA 7400 cranks (possibly the nicest-looking crankset ever, IMO) and brakes. This thing is really fun to ride. It's giving me a bit of a shove towards finally getting around to building up the bike I built my own kickback wheel for, which has been hanging in the shop for six months now.

 Just using a coke bottle lid to get out a sheared BB cup.

Martin is curious.
I need to get my footwear and pedal situation sorted, ASAP. Probably going to avoid road pedals/shoes, as I like to do some wandering on rides. I'm leaning towards eggbeaters and MTB shoes, as they seem to get reasonably positive reviews in road situations. Hope to implement this sometime before March. Bike gear is way too expensive.

Sorry for making a mess out of your cranks, Tom.
It's gross out almost all the time. The new bike definitely helps keep the motivation up, although the levels are still not all that high. It doesn't help that most riding around here seems to involve slogging along in traffic. I think I could handle the weather a lot better if I had some mainly-deserted backroads. Actually, I think I could handle everything better if I had some mainly-deserted backroads.

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