23 January 2012

Darkness, photos, lights out

I went on a nice ride tonight. I went out at 16:30, so the sun was gone. I just went sorta into the blue (black?)... no particular plans, other than riding past a few scenic spots (there are so many here). It was close to 0 degrees. I saw ice in places when I returned to the city again. I kept fairly warm though. I've had trouble keeping my toes warm. I ride flat pedals and it's hard to find some warm shoes with a proper sole. I usually just wear bmx shoes. Today I took the loose insole out of my Orchids, which gave space enough for a bit of movement and air, surrounding my foot clad in thick wool socks with windproof socks over them. Worked nicely. I'm happy about that.

I bought a Carradice saddlebag a couple of weeks ago. It's the Zipped Roll. I've been wanting to bring my camera on rides for so long, but have lacked something good to put it in. I can fit so much stuff in this bag; pump, patches, tools, camera, small tripod and room to spare. It's sweet. Seems very sturdy in it's construction, and doesn't dangle around. Don't feel it when standing up in the pedals.

Here are some photos:

In the woods. It got pretty muddy later on.

My city in the distance. Listen to the silence...

Back in the city, a lot of rescue people were searching the water... I don't know the story yet.

So about halfway, just after getting out of the forest in the photo above, my front light decides to switch off. Just like that. "Click". It could at least have warned me, but no no. I could off course also have made sure it was charged, but I can't be expected to think of everything. Anyway, the only other white light I had was the flashlight App in my phone. So I rode 5km with that in my hand. It actually worked quit well, apart from the ergonomics. Stopped by a supermarket and bought a cheap LED light, so I could ride the remaining 10km or so in comfort. I will need to bring a couple of those in the future,.. just to be safe.

Edit: They weren't searching for anyone or anything n the photo above. Apparently there was a slight oil spill.

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