31 January 2012

Notes from Paris

I've just spent a couple of days in Paris. Impulsive express mini vacation. Seeing sights, eating food, getting ripped off by hoodlums,.. the usual tourist experience.

I saw a whole bunch of sweet bikes down there, when we were out walking around. A lot of girls on fairly classy mixtes. Classic constructeur type touring/city bikes. A couple of your usual big city fixed gear bikes. A couple of older mountain bikes. They always seem to age the worst. Even a trials bike with rider showing off right next to the Eiffel Tower.

But it's odd how diverse styles of bikes were in Europe some years ago, before they all began squirting out of the same aluminium plant in the east. The French bikes seem so sophisticated compared to the bikes we had in Denmark. Our bikes were just practical I guess. Nothing fancy.

At a flee market right outside our hotel in Paris, I saw this old Eddy Merckx in mint condition. Had it been a Danish bike of equal age, it would have been so rusty. I don't know what price he was asking. I'm also not sure of what steel it's made from etc. Judging by the cover plate on the fork crown, I imagine it's cheapish. I'd still have bought it, if I could have had it in my suitcase.

One mans rubbish?

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