1 February 2012

A cool video.

This is pretty great, and worth a watch. From 1986, a look at the Taylor brothers from Jack Taylor Cycles, and a bit of talk about a bygone era of racing and cycling in general.

"I don't like progress. I think as you get older, you find it isn't progress - it's only change."

Obviously that doesn't apply in every case, but I think it's closer to spot-on than it is to being way off target. The way these guys talk about riding and racing sounds just like a group of riders getting together in the year 2012 and laughing about old stories and mishaps. The bikes and circumstances are different, and the structure is more evolved, but it's really all the same thing.

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  1. That was cool. Here's another one I found in the comments. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL25BYkA6Xw&feature=related