16 February 2012

Inspirational linking handlebars

The blog on Surly's website is usually strewn with relative nonsense. I'm not complaining. It can all be appreciated. My favorite items though, are the about bi-anual ride reports by "Brother Sunshine". Like this one from the recent Arrowhead race. It's always inspirational for me to read about. And even more so, with me living in a place with very moderate climate. Nature (almost) can't kill you around here.
I like the tips on nutrition and clothing. It's all very untrendy, "how they did 40 years ago" and no bullshit. I'm into that. It can all be applied to whatever else you do on a bike and no matter the climate. You can always learn something from other aspects of riding. Broaden your view!

On another note I'm revising the handlebar situation on my mountainbike. I've been riding drops (On-One Midge) for three or four months. I've gotten used to it. I feel like I can ride as fast and as crazy as with a flat bar. Comfort is really good. I just need the bars a bit higher.
I switched back to a flat bar (On-One Fleegle) this past weekend. It took some getting used to. It felt like I couldn't get on top of the bars, while standing up. The second time out felt a bit better, but comfort is still lacking compared to the drops. My palms got sore, from sitting across the grips, instead of sitting on the "heel" of the hand.
I might try out a Ragley Luxy handlebar. It has a couple of centimeters less drop than the Midge, and the grip area is longer, so I can move more back, when it gets steep and/or hairy.

See ya!

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