28 February 2012

Touring, sub-goals

I was out touring Sunday. Riding my bike and seeing things. I think it was the first proper Spring day. The weather was fantastic. Anyway, I had set the goal of going past 5 castles and one ruin. It felt good to have those smaller goals. Both in splitting up the trip, but also adding some cultural content. I also made it as a round trip. I didn't use the same piece of road twice. And I came across some nice ones at that. And various types of nature/vegetation. I had a vague idea of the route being around 80 km, but it added up to 120. Slight difference.

Here's the "proof", that I went to each castle. They're all castles from the time of the Duchy of Holstein, in southern Denmark.

The black bit in the last photo is a finger.

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