27 March 2012

Another week goes by...

...riding bikes as often as passion demands. Here are some views from the saddle, although I may have dismounted before pushing the button.
Being the local tourist... You don't always have to travel far, to see something that triggers the feelings of adventure and seeing something new.

Danish quaintness... old water mill, and shadow of a wind mill.
That road goes through the courtyard of that house, which is "paved" with cobblestones from the days before they started squaring them off. So, pretty damn old.

"Trillen" in the distance, with it's African style trees.

Beach and woods and water...

Met a semi-wild cat in the woods. Didn't feel like chating.

Sculpture by the sea.

Yes, the other day I was seen mountainbiking... that isn't really a rarity though. I was out riding with the club on a sunny Sunday. Awesome weather, cool trails, good company.

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