16 March 2012

Imagedump 32

Patching in the dark. Thursday night group ride with the MTB club.

A self portrait from a little while ago. I imagined it would look bit more motocross-bermshot'y, but oh well.
By the way... I replaced the Midge bars on my MTB with a pair of Ragley Luxy's. I've gotten nicely use to them now. They work a treat. Comfortable, work in all positions, going up or down.

New Surly LHT.

I've acquired a new Surly LHT frameset. It has replaced my Cross Check. I had realised that the 58cm CC was too small. The LHT is 60 and feel much better. I can get the bars higher and stuff. Still need to dial it in... and cut the steerer... or mount a chin rest, as was Marks suggestion.

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