26 April 2012


Here is just about a handful of photos from the last couple of days. Some scenic shots from locations, where population isn't so dense. It's been a couple of nice rides. Very mixed weather. Got rained upon, got shone upon. Two flats. The later happened 3km from arriving home, so I decided to just walk, despite the pouring rain. My wool sweater became as heavy as chainmail armor.

Moss covered Dolmen rocks, bike, signs of spring.
Small bay, curvy path, rain filled clouds.
"A charming staircase", the sign reads.
Sun setting, tree, bunker remains.

21 April 2012

Danish countryside

We went for a fairly brief ride... and as always, seeing some sights. You don't really have to go far around here, for things to turn neat.

Getting out of town
A bit of rolling green...
Old bridge
Trail, field, thatch roof house...
Nature... all around
Fishing boats
Mark pioneering 700x28mm mountain biking
Looking around

18 April 2012

Country biking and s24o photos

Here are two photos from my camera from the previously mentioned tour 'round the country side.

Buildings, bikes, road...
Mill wheel, water, sunlight...

Then last night we went sleeping in the woods. It was pretty fresh out... it didn't freeze though. I think Mark was a bit cold and didn't sleep as well as me. He's having a nap as I'm posting this. I could go for a nap too though... Here's a photo of out site. There are two bivouac shelters and a fireplace. It's overlooking a bird sanctuary. Man those things kept going all night.

Tents, shelters, fire...

15 April 2012

Crummy phone photo dump: Denmark day 1

Rode around for a while. Seems like this place has endless miles of quiet roads. Country bikes!!

The reverse Lance.

Arrived in Denmark. Right hand ergo shifter broke in transport. Now running a similar setup to the so-exciting Lance Armstrong DT-front-brifter-rear rig, so I'm pretty cool right? Ergo front, friction DT shifter rear. I'm too stupid for this and it takes like 15 seconds to figure out how to shift.

13 April 2012


Waiting in the airport to head over to Europe. Hanging out and bike camping with Peter as well as walking Hadrian's wall in England. Haven't done a bike trip in just under three years. Pretty excited.

6 April 2012

Another S24O

I rode out Tuesday night at 21:40... arrived 40 minutes later or so. It wasn't the longest ride in the world, but I don't care. Bikes can always be ridden... As long as I'm getting out of my red brick cube and get to observe humanity from a safe distance. I get out of my comfort bubble, get my mind reset. I get to experience nature, hear birds wake up. I get a piece of adventure...

The humans are back there... with their gold and fortune.
Crawling out of the tent in the morning...
Bliss. I was freezing like hell though. Didn't feel like sitting around for too long.
I got up before the sun, packed up and rode home while it rose. Frost on the ground, mist hanging in the air here and there.

4 April 2012


I rode past my most favorably named street yesterday. "Ensomhed"... it means solitude or loneliness in Danish. It's in reality not all that desolate, but anyway... All in all very Doom Metal.

2 April 2012

First ride of April

Here are a few shots from a nice 65km ride, I went on yesterday. Decent weather, spread clouds, rough headwind some of the way, sticking to smaller roads and maybe about 10km of singletrack/fireroads.

Awesome view greets you, after cruising through tedious farmland.
Submerged trail. Got through, half cranking it.
Windows XP Desktop? Scratches on my lense are visible, grr...
Criss-crossing the new motorway.