3 May 2012

5600 year old S24O.

It was shorts weather yesterday, with totally clear skies, so we packed up and headed out to camp at a spot I'd been looking forward to for my entire trip. A little ways out of town is a 5600 year old burial site out in a forest, in which camping is allowed anywhere, bordered by farmland and water.
We left at about 8 and rode out there, racing the dark on deserted roads and gravel pathways, through the usual amazing Danish scenery. It was a really great ride, with low sun, long shadows, and continuous diving in and out of various wooded areas.
In the morning, we took the longer way home - which involved some trail riding, a ferry, and endless yellow fields. A good ride. Country bikes!
A bunch of photos from my phone:
Heading out. Long shadows.

Self portrait.

Met some cats.

Real old.
Peter's new seat bag. Dry bag toe strapped to the saddle loops.
Carradice seat bag and tent up front.
Breakfast stop.
Pretty quaint.
Waiting for the ferry.

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