26 May 2012

Old trails, animals... and...

I've been revisiting some old trails today, that I haven't set foot (or tread) on for years. It was good. Fantastic nature...

I went out on my currently fixed gear mtb. Works pretty well, but you really have to think far ahead. Especially only with footsie brakes. Getting over it. It only took a week.

Old wear-marks...
Bull up ahead... it was just hanging out in the middle of the trail.
Some other animals.
Here's a bike that Mr. Petersen would be proud of. But that's Europe for you.
On another note, here's a photo of a "Surly", from a Danish classified ads site,  which apparently is a "hige end mens bike for the choosy or for someone seeking the best. designed to get to work quickly or go on rides in the spare time." The top-tube apparently allows "fatties" to "fit fine". Maybe that refers to people?
Surly... sure thing dude.

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