28 February 2012

Touring, sub-goals

I was out touring Sunday. Riding my bike and seeing things. I think it was the first proper Spring day. The weather was fantastic. Anyway, I had set the goal of going past 5 castles and one ruin. It felt good to have those smaller goals. Both in splitting up the trip, but also adding some cultural content. I also made it as a round trip. I didn't use the same piece of road twice. And I came across some nice ones at that. And various types of nature/vegetation. I had a vague idea of the route being around 80 km, but it added up to 120. Slight difference.

Here's the "proof", that I went to each castle. They're all castles from the time of the Duchy of Holstein, in southern Denmark.

The black bit in the last photo is a finger.

Daaily Imagedump

I rode my bike in an offroad'ish fashion for three hours today. Here are some photos.

Riding on a beach at low tide. Rocks not making it too easy.
Crouch, bunnyhop or ?
On the edge... felt pretty dangerous. A bit windy too.
Trees fall into the water some times...
Singletrack in fairytale forest.
Forest being washed away.

18 February 2012

Mail from the colonies.

I've just received a nice little parcel from America. It contained issues 2, 3 and 4 of every bike nerds favorite comic.

Yehuda Moon 2, 3 and 4.


On another note, if you haven't seen this Off The Beaten Path entry yet, check it out. Riding bikes is awesome.

17 February 2012

Antiques and sculptures

Today my friend Anne found the shell of an old Sachs hub at the beach and gave it to me. From this website I found out it must be a Torpedo 1-gear freewheel hub from the 1930-40s. I'm not certain of the age, but it must be around then, according to the descriptions on that site.

Marketing illustration.

My "hub".

The salt water has taken a toll on it. I can see a bit of the eagle in the circle and I can make out "Torpedo", "System Sachs" and "Made in Germany".

So that makes another nerdy sculpture for the living room. It's sitting next to my spare Phil eccentric bottom bracket, which I haven't gotten round to replace yet and which is like way too nice to be a bike part.

16 February 2012

Inspirational linking handlebars

The blog on Surly's website is usually strewn with relative nonsense. I'm not complaining. It can all be appreciated. My favorite items though, are the about bi-anual ride reports by "Brother Sunshine". Like this one from the recent Arrowhead race. It's always inspirational for me to read about. And even more so, with me living in a place with very moderate climate. Nature (almost) can't kill you around here.
I like the tips on nutrition and clothing. It's all very untrendy, "how they did 40 years ago" and no bullshit. I'm into that. It can all be applied to whatever else you do on a bike and no matter the climate. You can always learn something from other aspects of riding. Broaden your view!

On another note I'm revising the handlebar situation on my mountainbike. I've been riding drops (On-One Midge) for three or four months. I've gotten used to it. I feel like I can ride as fast and as crazy as with a flat bar. Comfort is really good. I just need the bars a bit higher.
I switched back to a flat bar (On-One Fleegle) this past weekend. It took some getting used to. It felt like I couldn't get on top of the bars, while standing up. The second time out felt a bit better, but comfort is still lacking compared to the drops. My palms got sore, from sitting across the grips, instead of sitting on the "heel" of the hand.
I might try out a Ragley Luxy handlebar. It has a couple of centimeters less drop than the Midge, and the grip area is longer, so I can move more back, when it gets steep and/or hairy.

See ya!

6 February 2012

The last bit of proper winter

Here's a handful of photos from my ride in the woods today. 9 degrees below 0. A collage of pink, purple and blue.

Sunset and slush-ice.
On the rocks?
Icey sticks.

4 February 2012

Cold weather

Blimey it was cold today. We had like -7 degrees, but it was nice and sunny. I went for a ride on/off-road. Came into a nasty headwind a couple of times. My toes and nose almost fell off, but it was a nice ride anyway.

Here's a photo from one of the spots I came by.
Water's beginning to freeze.

1 February 2012

A cool video.

This is pretty great, and worth a watch. From 1986, a look at the Taylor brothers from Jack Taylor Cycles, and a bit of talk about a bygone era of racing and cycling in general.

"I don't like progress. I think as you get older, you find it isn't progress - it's only change."

Obviously that doesn't apply in every case, but I think it's closer to spot-on than it is to being way off target. The way these guys talk about riding and racing sounds just like a group of riders getting together in the year 2012 and laughing about old stories and mishaps. The bikes and circumstances are different, and the structure is more evolved, but it's really all the same thing.